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Ethernet Cable


  • Standard Cat 5 Ethernet Cable for use with Raspberry Pi or any PC/Laptop with a RJ45 jack (Ethernet port).
  • This is 2M in length.
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The Ethernet cable, a fundamental component of wired networking, plays a pivotal role in facilitating high-speed and reliable data transmission between devices.
Transitioning to its construction, these cables typically consist of twisted pairs of copper or, in some cases, fiber-optic strands.

The standardized connectors, often employing the familiar RJ45 design, make them universally applicable and easy to use across a wide range of networked equipment.

Moreover, these cables come in various categories, including Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7, each offering different levels of data transfer.
The transition to higher categories like Cat6 and Cat7 is especially beneficial for users engaging in data-intensive activities such as online gaming.

The Ethernet cable’s design also encompasses different lengths, ranging from short patch cables for local connections.

Furthermore, the Ethernet cable’s durability and robustness are noteworthy attributes.
The outer jacket, typically made of materials like PVC or, in some cases, more advanced materials for enhanced durability.

In terms of installation, Ethernet cables are known for their straightforward plug-and-play nature. T
his simplicity facilitates easy setup for both novice and experienced users, making them an ideal choice for creating wired networks in homes.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Ethernet Cable.


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