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Aux Audio cable male-male 1m



  • Brand: Aux Audio
  • Connector Type: Auxiliary
  • Compatible Devices: Speaker
  • Color: Black
  • Connector Gender: Male-to-Male
  • Version: Stereo

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Aux Audio cable male-male 1m.

Introducing the Aux Audio Cable Male-Male (1m), your essential audio connectivity solution for a wide range of devices and scenarios.

The Aux Audio Cable Male-Male (1m) actively establishes a reliable audio connection between various devices, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted listening experience.
With its active design, this cable is compatible with a wide array of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, car stereos, and more.

Active in its transmission, this cable delivers high-quality audio, faithfully reproducing music, podcasts, and calls with clarity.
The active construction of this cable ensures durability, making it resistant to wear and tear, bends, and everyday use.

The Aux Audio Cable Male-Male (1m) actively operates by transmitting audio signals from one device to another. Its active connectivity establishes a secure and clear channel for sound to travel, whether you’re listening to music, making hands-free calls, or connecting your device to external speakers or car audio systems.

Its active compatibility extends to a vast range of devices, ensuring that you can actively connect your smartphone to your car stereo for a road trip, link your laptop to external speakers for enhanced audio, or simply enjoy private listening through your headphones.

Choosing this audio cable means opting for active and reliable audio connectivity. Its active transmission actively ensures that you experience sound as it was intended to be heard, without distortions or interruptions.

In conclusion, is your active link to high-quality audio experiences. Its active connectivity, compatibility, and durability make it an indispensable accessory for anyone who values clear and reliable audio connections across various devices. Trust in this cable to actively enhance your audio experience, whether you’re on the move or at home.

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  • Connector Type: 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Stereo Male to 3.5mm (1/8 inch) Stereo Male
  • Cable Length: Typically available in various lengths (e.g., 3ft, 6ft, 10ft)
  • Cable Type: Typically a 3.5mm audio cable with a 3.5mm TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) connector on both ends.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for connecting devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, car
    stereos, and more.
  • Material: Often made with high-quality materials for durability and optimal signal transmission.
  • Gold-Plated Connectors: Some cables have gold-plated connectors to reduce signal loss and improve audio quality.
  • Shielding: Many cables have shielding to minimize interference and noise.

* Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.

Package Includes :

  • 1 x Aux Audio cable male-male 1m .


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