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0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC USB Step Up Power Boost Converter Module


Quick Overview:

  • Versatile module for power regulation.
  • Reliable and stable 5V output.
  • Suitable for various electronic applications.
  • Efficient charging from low voltage sources.
  • Simplifies USB-powered device power supply.
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The 0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC USB Step Up Power Boost Converter Module presented here offers a versatile solution for powering various digital devices with a wide input voltage range of 0.9-5V DC, efficiently boosting it to a stable 5V DC output. With an output current ranging from 500-600mA and excellent load regulation of ±1%, this module ensures consistent power delivery for USB-powered devices. Its compact size and compatibility with single-cell LiPO or AA batteries make it ideal for portable charger designs and onboard USB device supply solutions, such as GoPro cameras, mobile phones, single-chip devices, and other digital products requiring a 5V power supply.

This module is equipped with a high-performance imported chip, ensuring superior performance compared to common modules. Its indicator light provides visual feedback, while the USB female connector offers a wide range of applications. Whether you need to regulate USB voltage for your device or charge devices like mobile phones and MP3 players from AA batteries during travel, this module proves to be a reliable and versatile solution. Operating from battery voltages as low as 0.9V, it maximizes battery utilization and ensures uninterrupted power supply, making it indispensable for critical USB-powered devices that rely on stable 5V operation.

In addition to its impressive performance and versatility, this DC-DC Boost Module stands out for its simplicity and ease of use. With its wide input voltage range and regulated 5V output, it simplifies the design and implementation of USB voltage regulation for various applications. Whether you’re a hobbyist tinkering with DIY projects or an electronics enthusiast looking for a reliable power solution, this module offers a convenient and efficient way to ensure consistent and stable power supply to your USB-powered devices.


  • Wide input voltage range compatibility.
  • Stable 5V DC output voltage.
  • High output current capacity: 500-600mA.
  • Excellent load regulation: ±1%.
  • Precise voltage regulation: ±0.5%.


  • USB voltage regulation for devices.
  • Powering various USB-powered electronic devices.
  • Portable charger design solutions.
  • Onboard USB device supply solutions.
  • Charging devices from low voltage batteries.

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x 0.9V-5V to 5V DC-DC USB Step Up Power Boost Converter Module


Weight 0.2 kg


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