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2.2 μf- 450 V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs)



  • High Capacitance
  • Moderate Voltage Rating
  • Durable Aluminum Electrolytic Construction
  • Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
  • Radial Lead Design

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The “2.2μF-450V Electrolytic Capacitor” is a package containing five capacitors, each specifically engineered to adeptly store and discharge electrical energy. These capacitors are essential components in various electronic applications because of their distinct attributes and capabilities.

Firstly, their capacitance rating of 2.2 microfarads (μF) empowers them to amass a substantial charge, a critical advantage in circuits where voltage smoothing is indispensable. Secondly, their remarkable voltage tolerance of up to 450V renders them versatile and adaptable, enabling their operation in an extensive array of voltage scenarios.

These capacitors find invaluable application in audio amplification circuits, primarily because they effectively couple and block DC voltage while facilitating the passage of AC audio signals. This characteristic significantly enhances the overall quality and fidelity of sound reproduction.

In power supply circuits, their pivotal role is undeniable. They work seamlessly to ensure a stable and dependable power source, effectively mitigating voltage fluctuations and ripples. This feature is vital for the smooth operation of sensitive electronic equipment.

Moreover, their robust aluminum electrolytic construction guarantees both longevity and durability. The capacitors exhibit a low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), substantially reducing energy dissipation, thereby bolstering the overall efficiency of electronic systems. Additionally, their radial lead design streamlines installation, making it user-friendly and hassle-free.

In conclusion, the “2.2μF-450V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs)” represents a valuable asset for electronics enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their exceptional capacitance, voltage rating, and efficiency render them ideal for a spectrum of applications, including audio amplification, voltage regulation, and power supply stabilization. The combination of durability and user-friendliness further underscores their position as reliable components, enhancing the performance and dependability of electronic devices and circuits.


  • High Capacitance
  • High Voltage Tolerance
  • Durable Aluminium Electrolytic Construction
  • Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
  • Radial Lead Design


  • Power Supply Stabilization: These capacitors help smooth voltage.
  • Audio Amplification Enhancement: Improve sound quality.
  • Voltage Regulation Support: Ensure stable voltage.
  • Motor Start Assistance: Boost motor performance.
  • Lighting Ballast Control: Control lighting systems.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 2.2 μf- 450 V Electrolytic Capacitor (5 pcs).


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