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433MHz 12V 4 Channel, Relay Module Wireless, Remote Control Switch



Specifications and Features :

  1. Working Mode: Output selectable between Latching and Non Latching types
  2. Relay Board Operating voltage: DC12V
  3. Working current: 50 ~ 200mA
  4. the operating frequency: 433MHz
  5. Maximum Relay Load Ratings: 5A 220VAC / 10A 12VDC
  6. Dimensions: 70 × 50 × 20mm
  7. Working temperature: -10 ? ~ + 50 ?
  8. Application: remote control electric doors, windows, switches, security and other remote areas
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433MHz 12V 4 Channel Relay Module Wireless with RF Remote Control Switch without Battery can be controlled by a wireless remote through a wireless RF link. The relays can be used to control 240 V AC up to 10A  appliances, motors, other electronic circuits, etc. The board can operate within a range of 50m when the remote is in line of sight and around 25m when indoors.

The RF link on this board works on the 433 MHz frequency. Both the transmitter and the receiver come with an onboard antenna and offer a compact and simple design.

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