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Mini USB Microphone Stand With Mic


  • Made of plastic and metal, very light and durable.
  • Advanced digital USB provides superior clarity.
  • Power switch illuminates when the microphone is active.
  • Microphone pivots on base to hold the preferred position.

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Introducing the Mini USB Microphone Stand With Mic, an audio solution that’s both compact and powerful, enhancing your sound recording experience.


  • Compact Design: This microphone stand’s small and portable nature makes it perfect for tight spaces and on-the-go recording.
  • Integrated Microphone: It incorporates a built-in microphone, eliminating the need for separate equipment.
  • Adjustable Stand: The stand offers adjustability, enabling you to find the perfect angle and height for your recordings.
  • Plug-and-Play: Its USB-powered setup ensures an effortless experience – simply plug it in and start recording.
  • Crisp Audio: The integrated mic provides clear and crisp audio, ideal for various recording needs.


  • Podcasting: Moreover, podcasters favor this setup because it offers a compact and convenient recording solution.
  • Video Conferencing: It’s ideal for online meetings and webinars, guaranteeing clear communication.
  • Voice Recording: Additionally, it’s excellent for voiceovers, dictation, and voice recording tasks.
  • YouTube Videos: Content creators also benefit from its handiness for creating high-quality video content.
  • Music Demos: Likewise, musicians can utilize it to capture quick demos or song ideas.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x Mini USB Microphone Stand With Mic


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