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IR Sensor Switch E18 D80NKN Twins Chip


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  • Dual IR Sensors
  • Precise Detection
  • Fast Response
  • Compact Design
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Low Power Consumption

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The IR Sensor Switch E18 D80NKN is a cutting-edge innovation in the field of sensor technology. These sensors are exceptional because of their advanced features and versatile applications. Let’s explore their key attributes and diverse uses.


  • Dual IR Sensors: Twin chips offer enhanced accuracy and reliability because they provide redundant data.
  • Precise Detection: High-resolution sensors can detect even the smallest obstacles.
  • Fast Response: Swift reaction times ensure quick automation and safety.
  • Compact Design: The small form factor allows easy integration into various systems.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Compatible with a broad range of power supplies.
  • Low Power Consumption: Efficient operation prolongs the lifespan of batteries.


      • Object Detection: Moreover, Ideal for detecting objects in automation and robotics.
      • Proximity Sensing: Additionally, used for hands-free switches in public restrooms and elevators.
      • Security Systems: Reliable for intrusion detection and motion-activated lighting.
      • Gesture Control: Recognizes hand gestures for interactive applications.
      • Home Automation: Automate lights and appliances based on occupancy.
      • Industrial Automation: Essential for safety and efficiency in manufacturing.

      In summary, the IR Sensor Switch E18 D80NKN Twins Chip stands out because of its dual sensors, precise detection, and fast response.

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      Packages includes:-

          • 1 x IR Sensor Switch E18 D80NK Twins Chip


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