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Geostationary satellite project kit



  • Realistic Simulation
  • Communication Protocols
  • Remote Operation
  • Sensors and Data Analysis

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The Geostationary Satellite Project Kit is a comprehensive educational kit designed to provide hands-on learning experiences related to geostationary satellites and space technology.

The kit serves as an engaging educational tool, allowing students to explore the principles of geostationary satellites, orbits, and space communication.
Provides a realistic simulation of satellite communication systems, so enabling students to understand the complexities of satellite technology in a controlled environment.

Includes modular components such as antennas, solar panels, and communication modules, allowing students to assemble and disassemble the satellite structure for practical learning.
Equipped with sensors for measuring environmental factors such as temperature, radiation levels, and solar intensity, providing insights into the challenges.

Introduces students to communication protocols used in satellite systems, including signal modulation, data transmission, and error correction techniques.
Allows remote operation of the satellite components, enabling students to control the satellite’s movements and observe the impact of commands on its position.

Data Analysis Includes software for data analysis and visualization, because enabling students to interpret data collected from the satellite’s sensors
Provides detailed documentation and manuals, guiding students through the assembly process, experiments, and data analysis procedures.


  • fixed satellite
  • Fixed Satellite Services (FSS), which use ground equipment at set locations to receive and transmit satellite signals.
  • Power Source: Battery
    RoHS Compliant
  • Broadcast satellite services (BSS), which offer high transmission power for reception using very small ground equipment.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Geostationary satellite project kit.


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