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19 teeth spur gear



  1. Material-Plastic Gear with Metal Shaft
  2. Outer Diameter-13.7m
  3. Number of Teeth-19
  4. Gear Size-13.7×6.0mm
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This gear has 19 teeth and an outer diameter of 13.7 mm. It has a 6.1 mm diameter central hole. Fits all of our 6.1 mm axles perfectly. This is a high-quality plastic piece of equipment. Use it to get your motor to run at the desired speed and torque. It comes with a set screw that allows it to be easily attached to various diameter motors and axles.


Material Plastic Gear with Metal Shaft
Outer Diameter 13.7mm
Number of Teeth 19
Gear Size 13.7×6.0mm
Required Motor Shaft Diameter 6.1mm
Colour Yellow or (Can be changed)


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