Quadcopter Drone Combo kit for beginner (Motor +ESC+Propeller+Flight controller+Frame+Tx-Rx)



  1. Pack contains quality products
  2. All products are tested and ready to perform
  3. All essential equipments required to build a Quadcopter are included in this economy pack

This is ARF Quadcopter Economy Combo Kit which will help you become a quadcopter pilot. Simply get out the soldering iron, put on your safety goggles and began soldering. This Economy kit has very good products and is available at affordable cost.

For someone new to the multirotor hobby, putting together your first quadcopter parts list and bringing them home can be extremely daunting. Trying to figure out what to buy and what parts will work together is tough, especially for people who don’t come from a background in radio controlled planes or helicopters. For the people who want to build a quadcopter but don’t know where to start. It can be frustrating trying to sort things and figure out what to do.

We’ve heard from a lot of peoples who are in similar positions and this bunch of products is designed to spell out exactly what you need for your quadcopter build. While we will recommend a complete list of specific parts that we have tested for a complete quadcopter build, the main purpose providing an ARF Quadcopter Economy Combo Kit needed to build a quadcopter

Here’s what an Economy Kit contains:

Q450 Quadcopter Frame – PCB Version Frame Kit with Integrated PCB

Every quadcopter or other multirotor aircraft needs a frame to house all the other components. Things to consider here are weight, size, and materials. This Q450 QUADCOPTER FRAME is a well thought out 450mm quad frame built from quality materials. The main frame is glass fiber while the arms are constructed of ultra-durable polyamide nylon. This version 3 of the Q450 QUADCOPTER FRAME features integrated PCB connections for direct soldering of your ESCs. This eliminates the need for a power distribution board or messy multi-connectors keeping your electronics layout very tidy. V3 also comes with stronger molded arms over V1 and V2, so no more arm breakage at the motor mounts on a hard landing.

The more information about Q450 Quadcopter Frame is available at Mifra electronics.

A2212/10T/13T 1000kv Brushless Motor With Soldered Connector

The motors have an obvious purpose: to spin the propellers. There are many motors available on the mifraelectronics suitable for quadcopters, and this A2212/10T/13T 1000KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR WITH SOLDERED CONNECTOR is one of them which is included in this kit. Motors are rated by kilovolts, and the higher the kV rating, the faster the motor spins at a constant voltage. The A2212/10T/13T 1000KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR WITH SOLDERED CONNECTOR motor for the airplane aircraft quadcopter. A2212 / 13T 1000KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR OUTRUNNER with 80% maximum efficiency, 4-10A max efficiency current, and 12A / 60s current capacity.

The more information about A2212/10T/13T 1000KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR is available at

Orange HD Propeller Pairs 1045(10X4.5) ABS DJI Black (1CW+1CCW)

The Orange HD Propellers 1045(10X4.5) ABS DJI Black is the high-quality propellers specially designed for multi-copters. These Orange Propellers are light in weight and high strength propeller has a 15° angle design at the end of the propeller to avoid whirlpool while the multi-copter is flying. They are useful in drones as well as in multi-copters. Orange propellers help to improve the air-powered efficiency and aerofoil stability.

The more information about Orange HD Propellers 1045(10X4.5) ABS DJI Black 1CW+1CCW is available at Mifra electronics.

SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller

The electronic speed control, or ESC, is what tells the motors how fast to spin at any given time. You need four ESCs for a quadcopter, one connected to each motor. The ESCs are then connected directly to the battery. SIMONK 30A BLDC ESC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER is specifically made for quadcopters and multi-rotors and provides faster and better motor speed control giving better flight performance compared to other available ESCs. SIMONK 30A BLDC ESC ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER can drive motors which consume up to 30A current. It works on 2S-3S LiPo batteries. It has an onboard BEC which provides regulated 5V(2A max draw) to power the flight controller and other onboard modules. This is useful to control our brushless motors with a 2S-3S LiPo(make sure motor doesn’t draw more than 30A). This particular ESC is recommended with A2212 brushless motor (1000kv, 1400kv,2200kv).

The more information about SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller is available at mifra electronics.

APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller 2.5 2.6 Upgraded Built-in Compass for FPV RC Drone Aircraft

The flight control board is the ‘brain’ of the quadcopter. It houses the sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers that determine how fast each of the quadcopter’s motors spin. Flight control boards range from simple to highly complex. APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller 2.5 2.6 Upgraded Built-in Compass for FPV RC Drone Aircraft is the new APM 2.8 flight controller. The sensors are exactly the same as the APM 2.6 flight controller, however, this has the option to use the built-in compass, or external compass via a jumper. This makes the APM 2.8 ideal for use with multi-copters and rovers.

The APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller is a complete open source autopilot system and the bestselling technology that won the prestigious Outback Challenge UAV competition. It allows the user to turn any fixed, rotary wing or multirotor vehicle (even cars and boats) into a fully autonomous vehicle; capable of performing programmed GPS missions with waypoints. The more information about APM 2.8 Multicopter Flight Controller is available at Mifra electronics.

CT6B FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter w/FS-R6B Receiver Mode 2

The radio transmitter and receiver allow you to control the quadcopter. There are many suitable models available at Mifraelectronics but you will need at least four channels for a basic quadcopter. We recommend using a radio with 6 channels, so there is more flexibility.

CT6B FLYSKY 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER is the popular 6 Channel Radio CT6B manufactured by FlySky. CT6B FLYSKY 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER is an entry-level 2.4 GHz radio system offering the reliability of 2.4 GHz signal technology and a receiver with 6 channels.

The CT6B FLYSKY 2.4GHZ 6CH TRANSMITTER radio is a value for money, entry level 6 channel transmitter, ideal for quadcopters and multi-copters that require the 6ch operation. This radio has two retract switches and proportional flap dials in easy reach for channels 5 and 6.

It can be powered by 8 x AA Size Batteries or a 12V Power Supply. It comes with a trainer port to help beginners learn flying.It can be configured by connecting it to the computer. Use the T6config software to configure your radio on a computer.

The more information about CT6B FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter w/FS-R6B Receiver is available at Mifra electronics

Orange 3000mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo)

Quadcopters typically use LiPo batteries which come in a variety of sizes and configurations. We typically use 3S1P batteries, which indicates 3 cells in parallel. Each cell is 3.7 volts, so this battery is rated at 11.1 volts. LiPo batteries also have a C rating and a power rating in mAh (which stands for milliamps per hour). The C rating describes the rate at which power can be drawn from the battery, and the power rating describes how much power the battery can supply.

Orange 3000mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo) batteries are known for performance, reliability, and price. Orange batteries deliver the full rated capacity at a price everyone can afford.

The Orange 3000mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo) batteries are equipped with heavy duty discharge leads to minimize resistance and sustain high current loads. Orange batteries stand up to the punishing extremes of aerobatic flight and RC vehicles. Each pack is equipped with gold plated connectors and JST-XH style balance connectors.

All Orange Lithium Polymer batteries packs are assembled using IR matched cells. The more information about Orange 3300mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery is available at Mifra electronics.

Lipo Voltage Checker 2-8S

Li-Po voltage checker one of the basic essential tool used for the Quadcopters, It is used to use the battery more efficiently and increase the life of the battery by proper management. It is a very compact module that you can use it with much ease as you wish. 2-8S Cell Checker with low voltage alarm features loud twin piezo alarms to notify you once your cells reach a user defined voltage. You can customize the alarm to sound at a voltage between 2.7v~3.8v per cell in 0.10v increments by pressing the setting mode button.

This unit also features a handy built-in LED display that will show the voltage of each cell followed by the overall voltage of the pack. The more information about Lipo Voltage Checker 2-8S is available at

XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag)

The connector wires are useful while connecting your battery and ESC. These are widely used Li-PO battery connectors XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag) makes the connection between the battery and different module much flexible.

These are heavy duty cables, great for projects that involve bigger motors and controllers, such as our high-power motor drivers and Simple Motor Controllers. The XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag) is capable of connection with XT60 Female Connector. These connectors are made from high-temp nylon with gold-plated spring pins or sockets molded in. The shape of this generic XT60 prevents reverse polarity, and when plugged in the connection is super-solid.

These connectors are compatible with batteries provided in the pack. The more information about XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag) is available at

10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (1pc)

If you are willing to connect your servos securely for the safe operation of the Quadcopter, these lead extension cable will stand the need. The 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (1pc) wire is 15cm long and equipped with the high-strand silicon wire with soldered and crimped plugs for its outstanding operation

This is 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (1pc) used to make connection such as between RC servo controllers or RC receivers and motor controllers with an RC interface. These Servo Lead Extention comes with “JR”-style connectors. This has a male connector on one side and one female connector on another side.

The more information about 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (1pc) is available at our website

Note: Any one of the following chargers are required to Charge/Discharge the different cells of  Li-PO batteries which are not included in this pack. Used for better operation and also to enhance the life of the Li-PO battery for this we need a Balance Charger. We suggest you buy any of the following battery Charger/Discharger according to your choice.

All the above products are essential and main components of Quadcopter, including them all that you wish and want to make and modify i.e from the solder wire of soldering gun to the Gimbal to house your camera in the Quadcopter is available at

Specification and Features :

  1. Q450 Quadcopter Frame – PCB Version Frame Kit with Integrated PCB
    1. Materials: glass fiber + polyamide nylon
    2. Frame Weight: 280g.
    3. Height: 55mm
    4. Colored arms for orientation to keep you flying in the right direction.
    5. Power distribution board included in this item(inbuilt PCB).
    6. Pre-threaded brass sleeves for all frame bolts.
    7. Large mounting tabs on main frame bottom plate for easy camera mounting.
    1. KV: 1000
    2. MAX Efficiency: 80%
    3. MAX Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
    4. Current Capacity: 12A / 60s
    5. No Load Current: 10 V : 0.5 A
  3. Orange HD Propellers 1045(10X4.5) ABS DJI Black (1CW+1CCW)

    1. Weight (1 pair) : 22 gm.
    2. Shaft diameter(mm): 7-(Flat Side) and 8-(Round Side)
    3. Total length : 10 inch (254 mm)
    4. ABS Material
    5. Very strong and lightweight.
  4. SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller

    1. Current: 30-40 A
    2. Constant Current: 30 A Maximum (40A for maximum 10sec)
    3. BEC: 3 A
    4. Good Speed Control
    5. Excellent Stability Control
  5. KK 2.1.5 Multi-Rotor LCD Flight Control Board
    • Model: KK 2.1.5
    • IC: Atmega644 PA
    • Gyro/ACC.: 6050MPU Inven Sense Inc.
    • Auto Level: Yes
    • Input Voltage: 4.8V-6.0V
    • AVR Interface: Standard 6 Pin
    • Signal from Receiver: 1520us(5 channels)
    • Signal to ESC: 1520us

    The KK2.1.5 Multi-Rotor controller is a flight control board for multi-rotor aircrafts (Tricopters, Quadcopters, Hexacopters etc). Its purpose is to stabilize the aircraft during flight and prevent the aircraft from crash landing.

    It takes the signal from the 6050MPU gyro/acc (roll, pitch and yaw) then passes the signal to the Atmega644PA IC, which then processes these signals according the user’s selected firmware and passes control signals to the installed Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs). These signals instruct the ESCs to make fine adjustments to the motors rotational speed which in turn stabilizes your multi-rotor craft.

    The KK2.1.5 Multi-Rotor control board also uses signals from radio systems receiver (Rx) and passes these signals to the Atmega644PA IC via the aileron, elevator, throttle and rudder inputs. Once this information has been processed the IC will send varying signals to the ESCs which in turn adjust the rotational speed of each motor to induce controlled flight.

  6. CT6B FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter w/FS-R6B Receiver Mode 2

    1. STICK MODE: Left hand or Right hand
    2. MODULATION: Frequency Modulation
    3. ANTENNA LENGTH: 115cm/26mm
    5. POWER: 12V DC
    6. RF POWER: Less than 0.8W
    7. CHANNELS: 6 channels
    8. High receiving sensitivity.
    9. 8 model memory, digital control.
  7. Orange 2500mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo)
    1. Model No : Orange 2500mAh 30C 3S1P
    2. Capacity : 2500mAh
    3. Max Continuous Discharge : 30C(90.0A)
    4. Balance Plug : JST-XH
    5. Max Burst Discharge : 60C(180.0A)
    6. Discharge Plug : XT-60
    7. Charge Rate : 1-3C Recommended, 5C Max
  8. Lipo Voltage Checker 2-8S
    1. Input: 2-8S
    2. Battery type: Lipo/LiFe/Li-ion
    3. Cell Voltage Display Range: 0.5v-4.5v
    4. Total Voltage Display Range: 3.7-36v
    5. Alarm set values: Off or 2.7-3.8v
  9. XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs/bag)
    1. Connector Type: XT60 Male
    2. Material of Connector: High-Temp nylon
    3. Length: 10 cm.
    4. High-Quality Connector
    5. Designed for heavy duty
    6. High Power Application
  10. 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG
    1. Connector: JR-Style
    2. Length: 10 cm
    3. Weight: 5 gm
    4. High-Quality cable
    5. One male and one female connector

Useful Link:

Drone Building Video Tutorials

Package Includes:

1 x Q450 Quadcopter Frame – PCB Version Frame Kit with Integrated PCB
4 x Orange HD Propellers 1045(10X4.5) ABS DJI Black 1CW+1CCW- 4pairs
4x SimonK 30A BLDC ESC Electronic Speed Controller

KK 2.1.5 Multi-Rotor LCD Flight Control Board

1 x CT6B FlySky 2.4Ghz 6CH Transmitter w/FS-R6B Receiver Mode 2
1x Orange 3300mAh 3S 30C/60C Lithium polymer battery Pack (LiPo)
1 x Lipo Voltage Checker 2-8S
1 x XT60 Male w/ 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm (1pcs)
4 x 10CM Male to Male Servo Lead (JR) 26AWG (1pc)


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