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F450 Quadcopter Frame 4-Axis – Integrated PCB Wiring



  • Width: 450mm
  • Height: 55mm
  • Weight: 270g (w/out electronics)
  • Motor Mount Bolt Holes: 16/19mm
  • Easy assembly.
  • Built from quality glass fiber and polyamide nylon.
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The F450 Quadcopter Frame 4-Axis with Integrated PCB Wiring offers a robust platform for drone enthusiasts. Its features and applications are diverse, making it a preferred choice for drone builders.

  • Sturdy Construction: The frame’s robust build ensures durability, allowing it to withstand impacts and challenging flight conditions.
  • Integrated PCB Wiring: Its integrated PCB wiring simplifies the wiring process, reducing complexity and enhancing the overall build quality.
  • Modular Design: The frame’s modular design facilitates easy customization and upgrades, adapting to evolving project needs.
  • Ample Space: There is ample space within the frame for accommodating various components, including flight controllers, cameras, and batteries.
  • Enhanced Stability: The 4-axis design provides excellent stability during flight, resulting in smoother and more controlled maneuvers.
  • Wide Compatibility: It is compatible with a variety of propulsion systems, allowing users to choose the best setup for their specific needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Because of its adaptability and durability, it is suitable for diverse applications, including aerial photography, FPV racing, and research projects.
  • Easy Maintenance: Maintenance is simplified due to the frame’s design, ensuring less downtime for repairs and upgrades.
  • Cost-Effective: Its affordability and durability make it a cost-effective choice for both beginners and experienced drone builders.
  • Educational Tool: This frame serves as an educational platform for learning about drone construction and customization, making it an ideal choice for schools and hobbyists

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    Packages includes:-

    • 1 x F450 Quadcopter Frame 4-Axis – Integrated PCB Wiring


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