555 DC Motor 12V



  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  • No-load Current: 0.6A
  • Maximum Current: 2A
  • No Load RPM: 5500 – 6500
  • Motor Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
  • Mounting Screw Hole Diameter : 3mm
  • Distance between Screw Holes: 25mm
  • Diameter of the Motor: 36mm
  • Length of the Motor (Body): 50mm
  • Length of Shaft: 16mm
ABOUT 555 DC Motor 12V

Operating Voltage: 12V, No-load Current: 0.6A, Maximum Current: 2A, No Load RPM: 5500 – 6500, Motor Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm, Mounting Screw Hole Diameter : 3mm, Distance between Screw Holes: 25mm, Diameter of the Motor: 36mm, Length of the Motor (Body): 50mm, Length of Shaft: 16mm.


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