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Audio Lifi Project



  • Audio and music applications
  • it is used as wireless communication

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Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a new paradigm in wireless communication.
we describe the design of a Li-Fi dongle (transmitter) and speaker (receiver) for audio and music applications.
The proposed system is a replacement for wired speakers that plays audio signals received through light.
Instead of using radio frequency, light is the medium of transmission.
LiFi is Light Fidelity. LiFi basically is a Wireless Communication Technology which uses Visible Light for Data transmission. LiFi is designed to use LED Light Bulbs similar to those present in our homes and offices. However, there is a slight difference in these LiFi LED Light Bulbs and Normal LED Light Bulbs .
These LiFi LED Light Bulbs transmit Data through the Light given off by them and these Light Signals are received by Photoreceptors. Now a question in your mind will arise that what is a Photoreceptor. So in terms of Technology, a Photoreceptor is a Sensor that detects Light by capturing Photons (Photons are Light Particles).
In Labs, with stronger LED’s and Powerful Technology Researchers have gained speeds upto 10 Gigabits per Second (10 Gbps) through LiFi .


  • Solar panel
  • 9 volts battery
  • battery clip
  • Speaker
  • Audio jack cable
  • White led
  • on off switch

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Package Includes :

  • 1 x Audio Li-fi Project.


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