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LM50 SMPS 50WATT 2.2AMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) represents a power supply type capable of delivering a maximum output power of 50 watts and a maximum current output of 2.2 amperes (amps).


  • Output Power: The LM50 SMPS can actively deliver up to 50 watts of output power.
  • Output Current: It actively supplies a maximum current output of 2.2 amps, additionally ensuring a robust 2.2 amperes of current to connected devices.
  • SMPS Type: Because this power supply actively operates as a switched-mode power supply.
  • Voltage Range: The LM50 SMPS actively accepts a specified input voltage range, indicating the range of acceptable input voltage values it can actively handle.
  • Protection Features: Moreover it can actively integrate protective features like overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection.


  • Electronics and Gadgets: SMPS power supplies, such as the LM50, actively find widespread use in various consumer electronics and gadgets like laptops etc.
  • Industrial Equipment: Likewise in industrial settings, SMPS power supplies actively and efficiently power a diverse array of equipment.
  • Telecommunications: SMPS units are actively used in telecommunications equipment, including routers, switches and base stations.

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x LM50 SMPS 50WATT, 2.2AMPS


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