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12V 1A Transformer


  • Input Voltage:          230V AC
  • Output Voltage:         12V or 0V
  • Output Current:         1 Amp
  • Mounting:                 Vertical mount type
  • Soft Iron Core.
  • 1 Amp Current Drain.

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A 12V 1A transformer, also known as a 12-volt 1-amp transformer, is an electrical device designed to convert alternating current (AC) voltage from the mains power supply to a lower voltage and current suitable for powering various electronic devices and circuits. It is a type of step-down transformer, meaning it reduces the input voltage to a lower level while maintaining the same frequency.


  • Powering Electronic Devices: It supplies a stable 12-volt DC power source to electronic devices like radios, amplifiers, LED lighting systems, and small appliances.
  • Battery Charging: Used in chargers for 12-volt batteries found in vehicles, motorcycles, and backup power systems.
  • Low-Voltage Lighting: Provides low-voltage power for landscape, outdoor, and decorative lighting.
  • Security Systems: Ensures reliable operation of security cameras, sensors, and alarm systems.
  • Automotive Accessories: Powers car audio systems, GPS devices, and dash cameras.


  • Voltage Reduction: Converts high mains voltage (e.g., 120V or 230V) to a safe 12-volt output.
  • Current Rating: Supplies a stable 1 ampere (A) suitable for various devices.
  • Compact Design: Compact and easy to install.
  • Reliability: Durable and dependable for extended use.
  • Safety: Equipped with overcurrent and thermal protection.
  • Isolation: Provides electrical isolation for added safety.
  • Versatility: Also suitable for residential, commercial, and automotive applications.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for straightforward installation.

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