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Photo Diode Sensor


Photodiode Sensor Module for Light Detection

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Unlock the power of light detection with our advanced Photo Diode Sensor. Designed for precision and reliability, our sensor technology is perfect for a wide range of applications, from photography and security systems to industrial automation. Explore the world of optical sensing with confidence using our Photo Diode Sensor.


  • Wavelength Sensitivity: Varies.
  • Active Area: Measured in mm².
  • Responsivity: Measured in A/W.
  • Dark Current: Measured in nA.
  • Spectral Response: Varies by wavelength.
  • Response Time: Measured in µs or ns.
  • Operating Voltage: Varies (V).
  • Dark Resistance: Measured in MΩ.
  • Operating Temperature Range: In °C or °F.
  • Package Type: Varies.
  • Output Type: Analog, digital, etc.
  • Linearity: Percentage of full scale.
  • Noise: Measured in µV or dB.
    • Applications

    • Photography: moreover, used in cameras to detect light and adjust exposure settings.
    • Remote Controls: Likewise ,infrared (IR) photo diodes are used to receive signals from remote controls.
    • Light Meters: Used for measuring light intensity in photography and cinematography.
    • Optical Communication: In fiber optics, photo diodes are used to convert optical signals into electrical signals for data transmission.
    • Smoke Detectors: Utilized to detect smoke or fire by monitoring changes in light levels.
    • Barcode Scanners: Likewise, in barcode readers to detect reflected light from barcodes.
    • Security Systems: Because its used in motion detectors, laser alarms, and surveillance cameras.
    • Industrial Automation: In industrial settings for product sorting, quality control, and object detection.
    • Medical Instruments: Used in pulse oximeters and blood oxygen sensors.
    • Environmental Monitoring: Moreover for measuring ambient light levels in weather stations and environmental monitoring devices.
    • /

    • Scientific Instruments: Likewise, In spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, and various laboratory equipment.
    • Automotive Applications: In automatic headlights and rain sensors, and ambient light detection.
    • Proximity Sensors: For detecting the presence or absence of objects in proximity.
    • Biomedical Sensors: Because its used in devices like pulse oximeters to monitor vital signs.
    • Consumer Electronics: Found in devices like automatic faucets and toilet flush sensors, and automatic soap dispensers.
    • Solar Energy: Moreover ,photo diodes are used in solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy.
    • Aerospace: In instruments for navigation, guidance, and control systems.
    • Moreover, these sensors are versatile and play a crucial role in various technological advancements, making them essential components in a wide range of applications.

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      Packages includes:-

      • 1 x Photo Diode Sensor.

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