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Water Pump Dual Shaft



Weight 29 g
Dimensions 45 × 23 × 32 mm
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It work on the principle of scotch yoke mechanism. The scotch yoke mechanism is also known as slotted link mechanism is a reciprocating Mechanism, converts the linear motion of a slider into rotational motion, or vice versa. The piston or other reciprocating part is directly coupled to a sliding yoke with a slot that engage a pin on the rotating parts. The location of the piston versus time is a sinewave constant amplitude, and constant frequency given a constant rotational speed.

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  •  Water Pump With 3W DUAL SHAFT
  •  Dc Motor / Lift upto Water 50 Cm Height / Length-35,mm
  • Thickness-37mm,
  • Shaft Hole-17mm

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