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5v Active Electromagnetic Buzzer -5Pcs


This is a Small PCB Mountable 12V Active Electromagnetic Buzzer. It is great to add Audio Alert to your electronic designs. It operates on 12V supply, uses a coil element to generate an audible tone.

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The 5v Active Electromagnetic Buzzer is a versatile electronic component with a wide range of applications.5v Active Electromagnetic Buzzer -5Pcs So its key specifications and potential uses make it a valuable asset in various projects.


  • Voltage Rating: Because this buzzer operates at 5 volts and making it compatible with low-power electronic systems.
  • Sound Output: Because generates a clear and audible sound with a sound pressure level (SPL) of around 85-95 decibels.
  • Frequency Range: The buzzer typically covers a frequency range of 2,000 to 4,000 Hertz additionally suitable for various alert and notification sounds.
  • Mounting: It comes in a compact, easy-to-mount design and making it convenient for integration into different devices.
  • Active Type:Being an active buzzer, because it doesn’t require external oscillation circuits, simplifying its usage.


  • Alarm Systems: In security systems, because it serves as a warning signal, alerting users to potential threats or intrusions.
  • Automotive Electronics: Within vehicles, moreover it can be used for various warning signals, such as seatbelt reminders or low fuel alerts.
  • Consumer Electronics: Because this buzzer finds applications in appliances like washing machines, microwave ovens, and dishwashers to indicate the end of cycles or errors.
  • Medical Devices: It can be used in medical equipment to generate alarms or reminders for healthcare professionals or patients.
  • Industrial Machinery: In factories,because it acts as a signaling device to indicate machine status, faults, or safety warnings.
  • Home Automation: Integrating it into smart home systems allows for audible notifications for events like doorbell presses or security breaches.


Input Voltage(Max.) : 5v
Resistance: 120 ohm
Resonance Frequency: 2048 Hz
Sound pressure(dB(A)/10cm)min.: 80
Body Size : 12 x 9.5mm
Pin Pitch: 6mm
External Material: Plastic;
Color: Black

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Packages includes:-

  • 1 x 5v Active Electromagnetic Buzzer

Weight 0.2 kg


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