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SDPT Toggle switch 2 positive slide switch


Slide switches are mechanical switches using a slider that moves (slides) from the open (off) position to the closed (on) position. They allow control over current flow in a circuit without having to manually cut or splice wire. This type of switch is best used for controlling current flow in small projects

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SDPT Toggle switch 2 positive slide switch, also known as a Single-Pole, Double-Throw switch, serves as a versatile electrical component with a significant role in various applications. We will now detail the specifications and practical uses of this switch.


  • Type: The SDPT toggle switch features a two-position design with a single input (common terminal) and two output options (normally open and normally closed).
  • Current Rating: It can typically handle current ratings ranging from 5 to 20 amperes, dependent on the specific model.
  • Voltage Rating: Designed to operate within a voltage range of 12V to 250V AC/DC.
  • Actuation Force: The toggle mechanism necessitates a moderate actuation force, enhancing user-friendliness.
  • Durability: Engineered for long-term use, these switches can endure a high number of actuations, often rated for tens of thousands of cycles.
  • Terminal Type: SDPT toggle switches come with solder lug or screw terminal options for effortless connection.
  • Mounting: They are suitable for both panel-mounting and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounting, catering to various applications.


  • Lighting Control: Widely employed in residential and commercial settings, SDPT toggle switches provide straightforward on/off control with two lighting options.
  • Motor Control: In machinery and industrial equipment, these switches facilitate changes in the direction of a motor’s rotation by toggling between normally open and normally closed contacts.
  • Automotive Applications: Commonly utilized in vehicles for controlling functions such as headlights, fog lights, and windshield wipers.
  • Audio Equipment: Found in audio devices for selecting between different input or output sources, such as speakers or headphones.
  • Power Supply Selection: In electronics,additionally these switches empower users to choose between different power sources or modes of operation.
  • Security Systems: Integrated into security systems to arm and disarm alarm systems or control access.
  • Aviation and Aerospace: Play a pivotal role in cockpit controls, enabling pilots to toggle between various systems and functions.
  • DIY Electronics Projects: Enthusiasts often incorporate SDPT toggle switches into custom electronic projects to control specific functions.

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