Solar Tracking system mini project kits


Quick Overview

1.Solar tracking mechanism

2.ldr sensors

3.arduino nano controller

4.Li-on battery

The solar tracking system adjusts the direction so that a solar panel is always positioned as per the position of the sun. Remarkably, by adjusting the panels perpendicular to the sun, more sunlight hits them.

As less light is reflected in this way, the panels trap a greater amount of solar energy. The narrower the angle of incidence will be, the higher the energy a solar PV panel can generate.

The most popular application of a solar tracker is positioning solar photovoltaic panels perpendicular to the Sun. Also, it is useful for positioning space telescopes.

solar trackers adjust the direction that a solar panel is facing according to the position of the Sun in the sky.

Solar tracking uses complex instruments to determine the location of the Sun relative to the object being aligned. These instruments typically include computers, which can process complicated algorithms that enable the system to track the Sun, and sensors, which provide information to a computer about the Sun’s location or, when attached to a solar panel with a simple circuit board, can track the Sun without the need for a computer.


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