Electrolytic capacitor 10uf

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Is electrolytic capacitor AC or DC?
Because electrolytic capacitor is in fact used with DC. For AC, there are special kind of electrolytic capacitors
On these electrolytic capacitors, there’s a positive pin, called the anode, and a negative pin called the cathode. The anode always needs to be connected to a higher voltage. If you wire it up the other way around with the cathode getting a higher voltage, then prepare for an exploding cap!

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Electrolytic Capacitors are generally used in DC power supply circuits due to their large capacitance’s and small size to help reduce the ripple voltage or for coupling and decoupling applications.

Each style is marked slightly differently. They are usually marked with a band on the cathode side of the capacitor indicating the negative terminal but there are some exceptions. This is different from the typical schematic symbol which is positive or anode marked!

Electrolytic capacitors have a positive and negative side. To tell which side is which, look for a large stripe or a minus sign (or both) on one side of the capacitor. The lead closest to that stripe or minus sign is the negative lead, and the other lead (which is unlabeled) is the positive lead

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