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The capacitance range is generally very large for the lower-voltage units, up to 15 000 μF for 16 V working, but at the higher voltage ratings of 400 V, values of 1 μF to 220 μF are more usual. Many designers avoid the use of an electrolytic at more than 350 V working.

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This 2.2uF 50V capacitor is a good quality radial polarized Electrolytic capacitorElectrolytic capacitors are widely used in switched-mode power supplies,

type of capacitor in which one plate is coated through electrolysis with an oxide to serve as the dielectric, while the other plate is replaced by an electrolyte. Electrolytic capacitors can achieve very high capacitance with very small sizes, but only act as capacitors as long as the current flows in one direction.

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores potential energy. Capacitors hold positive and negative energy on two separate plates separated by an insulator. … A capacitor is comprised of two metal plates, which are separated by an insulator.
capacitor: a device that stores electric charge. capacitance: amount of charge stored per unit volt. dielectric: an insulating material. dielectric strength: the maximum electric field above which an insulating material begins to break down and conduct.

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