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AC Bulb Holder (2 Pieces)



  • LED Holder for Dc Bulbs
  • LED Holder – 5mm

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Smart Bulb Holder or Electrical Holder is the basic electronic device that holds your bulb.
There are many types of Electrical holders that are used in different places.
This is a very simple and basic thing that conducts your electrical circuit and provides electrical energy.
With the help of a bulb holder and an electric bulb.
The electrical energy is converted into light energy.

A bulb holder is a device that holds and connects an electric bulb to a power source.
It has two terminals, positive and negative, that match the terminals of the bulb.
There are different types of bulb holders, such as simple, batten, fancy, etc., that vary in shape, size, material and design12. Some features of bulb holders are:

Features :-

  • They protect the live wire from being exposed and prevent electric shock2.
  • They allow easy installation and replacement of bulbs.
  • They may have switches or dimmers to control the brightness of the bulb.
  • They may be compatible with different types of bulbs, such as LED, CFL, incandescent, etc.

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x AC Bulb Holder (2 Pieces).


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