8 in 1 Soldering iron Kit


This product is from themisto brand. Soldering kit by themisto. Soldering stand. Solder wire high quality. Wire stripper.

Be it beginner, hobbyist or professional, soldering iron kits are essential tools to fix build circuit boards, fix electronics, make jewellery, for welding and others. Using soldering irons, you can join two metals or objects together with utmost precision. Not every soldering iron kit is designed to be the same

Here we combine the basic tools used in general-purpose soldering work. This includes all the necessary things required for soldering on your desk. All product from top brands in soldering tools. We have 6 in 1 soldering Kit with all soldering requirement, but in this 8 in 1 kit we have added two more most essential tools on workbench which is Multimeter and Desoldering pump.

This Kit best for the DIY beginners as well as for professionals. This Kit is always in demand by college project teams.

Package Includes:

1 x Soldering kit (Beginner 8 in 1)

Kit Includes:

1 x  25 Watt Soldering Iron  
1 x Soldering Gun Iron Stand
1 x Solder Desoldering Wire (de-soldering wick)
1 x FLUX soldering paste-10g
1 x Solder Wire 1.00mm 50gm
1 x  Wire Stripper 

1 x tweezer
1 x  sponge


Weight 0.51 kg


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